Accidental Deletions?

I refuse to believe that people ever “accidentally” delete others from any sort of social network. When you click delete you almost always know exactly who you are trying to delete from your life, even if only through the internets. 

Why then are people always trying to befriend you after you’ve deleted them? I recently had a former ‘friend’ try to befriend me after I had purged my fb of all remnants of a former life I no longer wished to have. In three years she may have written on my wall once but a few weeks after I deleted her she wanted back in. 

I do not know what the obsession is with being friends with people you obviously do not care about. If I don’t want to see your face I will get rid of you, plain and simple. Why do we need to be ‘connected’ even after it no longer matters?

Whatever the case may be, I am not giving in to befriending people out of pity. I’m done with that pathetic stage of my life. If we’re friends in real life, we can be friends online, otherwise, goodbye.